Puppy Application

Please complete this application in its entirety. I assign all my puppies to their new owners. These questions help me to choose a puppy you will be happy with, and also assures the puppies will be going to good homes. These questions are not meant to be judgmental in any way so please feel free to be candid in your responses!

Name of applicant(s):






Cell/Alternate Phone:



Spouse/Significant other's occupation:

From what source did you hear about us?

What is your gender preference?

FemaleMaleNo Preference

If your first choice is not available, would you be willing to take a puppy of the opposite sex?


Would you be willing to wait for a puppy from a future litter (no longer than 6 months)?


For what purpose are you purchasing a Golden Retriever? Please check all that apply. (Hold the "Ctrl" key to select multiple choices)

BreedingObedienceTherapyShowingField/HuntingFamily CompanionTrackingAgility

If purchasing as a family companion, are you willing to spay/neuter your Golden at the appropriate age?


Are you willing to supply us with a copy of the spay/neuter certificate for our records?


Are there children in your family? If so, please state gender and age.

Do you own any other pets? If so, please state type, age, and if they are altered.

Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, what size and what type of fencing?

If you do not have a fenced yard, are you willing to install a fence or make a secure area for your Golden to exercise in?


Who will be the primary caretaker of your Golden?

Where will your Golden be housed when no one is home?

How many hours during the day will your Golden be spending by itself?

Are you willing to crate train your puppy?


Are you willing to take your new puppy to basic obedience and socialization classes to ensure that he/she becomes a well-mannered dog?


What type of personality are you looking for in your new Golden?

Are you prepared to properly vaccinate in accordance with the laws of your state, provide any necessary veterinary treatment, feed a high quality food, license your Golden Retriever as per your areas requirements, and never allow him/her to be a neighborhood nuisance?


Are you aware that a Golden sheds all year long and needs to be groomed on a regular basis?


How did you come to the decision to choose a Golden Retriever?

Please give us any other information you think will help us get to know you and your needs with respect to placing a puppy most suited to your family/lifestyle.

How did you hear about us:

All of our pet/companion puppies are sold with an AKC Limited Registration and a spay/neuter agreement. A dog with a
Limited Registration as well as a spayed or neutered dog can compete in all AKC events except the breed ring.

I understand that completing this application does not automatically entitle me to a Goldenaire Puppy. I understand that this application is the beginning step in the interview process.

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